The Holy Spirit then said “Notice how many businessmen only think about money all day long. Everything is black and white to them. They only think in numbers. Success to them is always tomorrow. They’ve fallen for the power deception carrot of Satan. Satan keeps beating them telling them that the economy is getting worse if they don’t stay on top of trends then they will be left behind.  He keeps telling them that workers are lazy and you must exploit them for anything you can get out of them. If the workers can’t handle the position get rid of them for their weakening your organization. No you must work harder. No you must be more efficient. No you must be more manipulative. People are not humans their means to and ends. Evil is justified for this is a hard world. Eat or be eaten. Compete, compete, compete. Many of the business people are dead to life. They sacrifice their family life to get ahead professionally. They sacrifice their physical and emotional health to get ahead professionally. They sacrifice their soul and their spirit.

They fall asleep at night similar to the way mass murders fall asleep at night. There is always a danger around the horizon so they got rid of it the only way they knew how. They killed off their competition and their own people. In the same way they fire anyone not toting the load. They put human emotions on the back burner. So what if that was their worker’s only source of income. So what if that worker was loyal to them for a decade. So what if that worker tried the best they could. Satan tricks them making them think that anything is fair in business. They reason according to the law of my society I’m doing no wrong. But I God almighty do see. And I tell you the truth their are many decent law abiding citizens that are guilty of mass murder in my eyes. They are the 2nd worst cancer in my eyes. The first worst is hypocrites.

So I tell the business people of the current age do not desire power. For with power comes responsibility. And if your irresponsible with people’s lives I will be irresponsible with your life. Their is no justification of evil in my book. Don’t think you can be like the German citizens pretending like they had done no wrong while terrible atrocities were happening. Don’t think you can just blend in with society. I am light and I will expose you for every evil deed you did. Don’t point your finger at the CEO’s and say their the bad ones. Any one who is not responsible with power is guilty. That includes the everyday assistant manager all the way up to the top CEO. Don’t think you can play dumb. Don’t think that by getting others to do your dirty work your not guilty. Don’t think you can hide behind mens’ law. I will judge you according to my law says the producer of producers.


What is the most beautiful word, throughout the globe?

She stands with compassion, wearing, a crown and robe.

She is queen to wisdom and understanding.

Her son is truth, forever shinning.

In her glory, the nations will build their abode.

Her son is humble, best blessed from above.

The breath of her spirit, bring peace like a dove.

If you haven’t figured it out, she is none other than love.

Peace comes from inside. It is an awareness of life in the present. Peace does not worry about what you have done, where your at and what you will do. Peace does not like a lot of excessive thinking. It likes being calm like a natural tranquil lake. Peace accepts life for life. Peace loves life for life. Peace is okay with just relaxing. It’s not concerned with going anywhere quickly. It moves and flows at its own pace. When it moves it flows like a gentle stream. Peace likes the quiet. Peace is secure in itself wherever it goes. Whether good or bad happen peace is not affected. Peace is a clearness in the mind, body and soul. Peace does not pull or push, peace releases. Peace lets go. Its a releasing power. it releases everything to God. Laying back in a warm bath is like peace. Looking out over a landscape on a mountain top all alone is like peace. Looking into a new born baby’s eyes is like peace. Being inside a darkened church late at night all by yourself is like peace. Peace is eternal water. You can be filled with more or less of it. It also can be lost or leaked from you. Pressures, stress and pain can all weaken your peace. If your not aware of it. So the key to not losing peace is staying aware of it. It is even better if you are seeking God in every moment of everyday. When you do this you are increasing your peace.

Peace is humble like its source. The key to getting peace is quieting the mind. If thoughts pop up in your mind you must tell them to be quiet. In the beginning it is hard to develop peace because your mind keeps wanting to ramble. View your mind like an immature child. Silence it but silence it gently. Anger is the ultimate enemy of peace, as is hate. So you must avoid these emotions at all costs.

Practice deep breathing throughout day. Imagine incoming breath as holy spirit energy coming in to cleanse your mind, body and soul. The imagine your breath coming out as all the evil coming out. If you close your eyes and ears you will be less distracted from outside distractions. Try to keep a natural breathing pace not too quick and not too slow. Try to get your breathing in sync with the natural pace of life. Also try to match intake breath with outtake breath. What you are doing is either mediating or praying both bring peace. Both unite you to the source of all that is good.

Make sure you put yourself in a humbled but relaxing posture. On knees or sitting indian style is what I recommend. After your in your posture do a body scan of your entire body. Note tension areas such as tension in back neck or tension in jaw. Do a body scan locating all tense areas and relaxing them. Take your hands and massage every part of your body. This will increase your blood circulation. Practice moving your body in flowing movements. Be graceful, gentle and steady.

With your eyes closed, body relaxed and in the correct posture seek to now completely calm the mind. The body and mind affect each other. If the mind goes calm then the body will go calm. If the body goes calm then the mind will go calm. With your body relaxed, you now need to relax the mind. Imagine your entire body transforming into liquid. Gradually feel your body melting into the floor below you. You can repeat releasing phrases such as “I’m letting go” or “I believe” or “I’m at peace” or “deeper still”. Find a phrase that best works for you. Keep breathing deeply. Remember to keep your mind quiet. Any thought whether good or bad must be ignored.

You are now in a very subconscious state. This is the most powerful part of the brain. This is where your very being is. All your beliefs, fear and values reside here. This is where both God and the devil plant their seeds. This is a good time to listen to the spirit of God. In this state God’s seed will immediately be planted and not be filtered out from the conscious mind. This is also the best time to build yourself up. Tell yourself all the qualities you desire. For Ex: “I am strong”, “I believe”, “mercy increase in me”, “love increase in me”, “show me my purpose”, “I trust”, “patience increase in me”, “compassion increase in me”, “everyone is my brother and sister”

You should visualize all these qualities at work in your everyday situations. See yourself attractive, giving, helping and loving. See the actions like a movie in your head. Make sure the image in your mind is bright not dark. Dark and foggy memories are often depressive and bad in nature. Whereas bright and clear memories are often happy and good in nature. You can even reprogram your mind in this state. You can seek out bad memories which are dark and change them up the way an editor of a movie might do. Take dark memories and make them bright. Make the picture of the memory smaller. Change the tone of voice in how you and others sound in the memory. Get creative do everything an editor might do to a picture or video. Note how each of these changes affect your mood. See the memory as separate of yourself. See the memories for the illusions they are. The devil’s trick is to replay bad memories in your head because he knows the power of visual media. Your headed down the right track when you come to realize that bad memories, fear and the devil are all illusions. The only power they have is the power you give them.

True empowerment begins when you start peeling away all the layers of what you used to believe yourself to be. The deeper you get to the core the more empowered you become. Your like a miner digging deeper and deeper in a mine in search of the ultimate gem. Your seeking your true self and your connection with the universal power. When you reach this point you become what many people call enlightened. I personally have never reached enlightenment as of the time of this writing but I have taken on many of the qualities of enlightenment by constant trust in God. So its my belief you can reach enlightenment the more you seek the truth. The truth that unites the whole universe in love.

I recommend mediating or praying for at least 15 minutes once everyday. The key to mediating or praying is quality not quantity just like sleep. But I most definitely recommend you do at least 7 minutes of what I call the sunrise prayer right after you get up in the morning. This is the beginning of your day this is the foundation of your day. Your entire day is built off this. Never skip the sunrise prayer.

This is my advice on how to pray. First choose a place which is private, secure and peaceful. Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. When you pray to God always humble yourself. First bring all your fears, hurts and thoughts to him. Completely release everything on him. He wants you to be completely open and vulnerable with him. If your angry with him don’t hold back telling him what is on your heart and mind. He can handle it. He wants you to be as truthful with him as you can. He already knows what you want and what you need. He understands your situation. He understands what you’ve been through. He understands your reasoning but that doesn’t excuse you from any evil you might have done. God is a just God though life may not seem just. And whether you want to accept it or not. No matter what you’ve done up to this point. Know this he still loves you and whatever it is that he is going to have you go through you will go through. But fear not for you will not be alone for he will be by your side every step of the way. Intimacy with a lover is the kind of relationship God desires. I even recommend taking off all your clothes. For if you can be physically naked before him so to can you also be spiritually naked before him.

after you have opened up to him you should then begin asking him for spiritual gifts. Don’t ask for physical gifts such as boyfriends, girlfriends, cars, money, fame, etc. I’m not saying that he won’t answer these prayers it’s just been my personal experience that he rarely answers these kind of requests. Instead ask him for spiritual gifts such as confidence, self respect, brotherly and sisterly love, truth, empowerment, peace, compassion. Spiritual gifts are what God wants to give to you. He knows he can give you physical gifts but then those gifts wouldn’t be able to continue to provide for you.

God doesn’t give you a prepackaged skinned, sliced and deseeded apple. Instead he simply gives you only one special apple seed. That apple seed after being planted eventually grows into a whole apple orchard. God doesn’t give you a golden egg instead he gives you a baby hen. You have to raise and take care of that hen before you get your first golden egg. God gives gifts that are eternal and never pass away. And even if he did give you the boyfriend, girlfriend, car, money, fame, etc could you really be that responsible with it. Your boyfriend/girlfriend might would leave you cause your worry to much, or your too controlling or too weak. They might end up leaving you cause your not strong on the inside. What if he gave you a million dollars? Would you be quick to invest it? Or, would you go blow it all on a bunch of status stuff to look wealthy. Many people cover up their feeling weak on the inside with outside status symbols. As Jesus said “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

I am going to make one more remark on this topic before continuing. Even if you or someone else is sick, dying or hurting try not to pray for the pain to go away. Instead pray for strength to endure. Pray that God will teach you something from this experience. I know this is easier said then done. But when these situations arise pray that regardless what happens God will strengthen you. For God greatly blesses people who continue to trust him even when life has dealt them a bad hand. So be strong as God is strong. And trust him regardless what happens. Everything has a purpose here on earth. God has a will for all of life. Don’t try to figure what that will is just accept it. Just accept life for life and leave the rest in God’s hands.

After you have completely released on God and you have asked him for special gifts, you should listen to the voice of God. Be quiet. Be calm. Be at peace. Let the voice of God speak from your heart. He will tell you what you need to do. What you need to change. Even if the voice sounds like your own voice you can tell the difference. For God’s voice seeks to build you and other people up. If your confused whether the voice is yours or God’s just trust. Either way if your seeking good and trying your best God will lead you to where you need to go. God is a great guide and teacher. He rarely just gives you the answer to the question. He instead leads and teaches you through trial and error to the answer or destination. So if in doubt just trust God. For God can transform any mistake into good.

Finally the last part of prayer is thanksgiving for all of creation. Tell God of the beauty of the world. Tell him of the beauty of nature and mankind. Thank him for all you have. Tell him you will trust him and never turn away. Praise him and give him glory. Then get up from your prayer and say this to yourself several times “I trust God to provide”

There are other sources of peace but prayer and mediation are the best. You can also get peace by moving in grace. Make all your body movements graceful. Walk with grace. Talk with grace. Listen with grace. See with grace. The mind will then respond to the body with peace.Another way to increase peace is to create it. When others get in a conflict you should peacefully intervene. It may be hard putting yourself in this situation. But after you have had time to heal you will build up great peace. Peace is the offspring of trusting God or trusting life. Wherever you go whether good or bad happens if your trust and accept God and life you will increase your peace. If you help another, if you don’t deny a worthy request, if you seek good in people your peace will increase.

Peace is a soldier. It seeks those with problems. It seeks those in pain. It seeks those lost and confused. It seeks the weak. It seeks the angry. It seeks the demon possessed. It seeks the misunderstood. It seeks darkness to conquer it as darkness seeks light to conquer it. Peace give others direction. peace gives answers. Peace makes the weak strong. Peace calms those in anger. Peace cast out demons through truth. Peace is a soldier. He marches into the heart of the battle. He is fearless. He is resourceful. He is aggressive. Peace is God’s sword and truth is God’s shield.

One day God was teaching me saying “I’ll give you another warning to watch out for false prophets. If anybody interprets my scripture and says that this is what God is saying and they are not open to any other interpretation then the motive behind them is evil or they are being mislead. I spoke in parables so that my message would apply to everyone. If you keep reading my word you will begin to see more and more messages revealing them self to you. Yes one scripture can have infinite messages in it. I am infinite life in my word. But watch out Satan has his own interpretations of my word and he has infinite death in it. It is only through the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Holy Spirit that you can recognize evil from righteous interpretations. ”

The Commander then said “Satan loves rigid interpretation of my word. It would seem like he would be in opposition of rigidity and structure. It would seem like he would want it loose and free like total anarchy. But this is not so with him. Let me explain. Satan knows if the interpretation can have multiple interpretations then the word can breathe more and be more flexible to each individual.

My word is like a person swimming in a swimming pool. They have complete freedom of movement. But then Satan shows up and starts dumping mud into my pool. As the mud builds up in the pool the water gets thicker and more rigid. It gets harder and harder to move from place to place. So you as a person have to struggle more and more through mud in your eyes. Mud all over your body. Your muscles begin to tire as the mud gets thicker and thicker absorbing all the water. The mud is evil. The water is the Holy Spirit. And you the person begin to tire more. All the while Satan is mocking you saying stay true to the word and it interpretation. You have no freedom to interpret else wise. Till your just stuck in huge pile of dirt. You have fallen for Satan’s trap again.

So stay away from false prophets that say the Word of God only means this. It most certainly doesn’t. Satan loves to tear my kingdom down with rigidity and structure. Notice how many churches he has in his name. Then notice how many churches he has in my name. Look in a phone book see how many churches are under Satan’s name. Then look and see how many are under my name. Yet you look all around the world and people are serving him. If their not serving the light they must be serving the dark. So evil prospers everywhere. Yet there is no structure to his kingdom. There is no huge church hierarchy like protestant or catholic.

In fact Satan doesn’t even want people who serve him to make it public. That’s bad publicity in his eyes. Satan likes to stay in the background. He pushes someone down that person turns around and then Satan points his finger at me and says God did it. So by making me look rigid through my word of God Satan gives himself and his children the freedom to do as they please. He says see God is the uptight one see how he imprisons you with his word I’m the one that gives you freedom and true life. When once again all it is is another deceptive trick of his. Where ever I go there he will follow me.

One day God was teaching me having me refer to him as commander. I then said “Commander many people believe that the only way to be saved is through your name Lord Jesus Christ.What are your views on this?” The commander then said “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad.

If I’m a farmer and I desire some good fruit from a tree do you think I really care about what the name of tree of the fruit is? If I’m hungry for an apple and I go to an apple tree for fruit and I see the fruit is good but then someone says no those are really pears. Do I really care what the name of the fruit is? I’m hungry I want something good to eat. If you are hungry and haven’t eaten in days and I come to you and say here Paul have an apple. But you look down in my hand and see a pear. Would you then say no Lord I can’t eat that. your calling it an apple when its really a pear. if you were really hungry wouldn’t you just eat the fruit?

I’m in the soul saving and empowering business. If I’m a business investor and I’m considering a business to invest in. Wouldn’t I invest in a successful and profitable business. Or would I say no the business is located oversees and I can’t pronounce the name therefore I am not going to invest in it.

Let me pose this question. Before mankind knew of my name or even of my existence who did they call on to be saved? Does this mean that every ancient person who ever lived on this planet who never heard of me is condemned? All of mankind from the beginning of time to the present have been gifted with souls. What they do with their souls is their choice. They can open their fortresses to my messengers are they can put my messengers to death and burn down their fortress. Its their choice.

My spirit is in all people who desire it. From the east to the west my spirit is available. I’m light everything that is not of light is darkness there is no in between. Let me ask you a question Paul is the light from the sun where you live any different from the light of the sun across the globe?” I then replied “The light of our world all comes from the same source at different times, in different variations, some hotter or cooler than others, some covered by clouds others have clear skies but ultimately the source of all light on our planet comes from the same source the sun.” The Commander then said “Exactly and the light that I provide in your hemisphere brings energy and allows life to exist. Just as it does the same in another hemisphere. So light brings life. I am life. I am the light. Life would not exist on this earth without the light. It is the same way with darkness Paul. The darkness on this side of the planet is the same darkness on the other side of the planet.

I’m not interested in the name of the God or even gods that person calls on. I’m interested in the purity of their soul and whether are not their soul is seeking love and not evil. I am love and love is me. You can find love all over the world for it is me. In the same way Satan is evil and you can find him every where all over the world too. At the end of time. I will judge mankind according to what they have done, how pure their soul is, how much they have sacrificed for my sake and also according to whether or not they are now seeking love for love sake. The sins against the son will be forgiven but the sin against the spirit will never be forgiven. The greatest sin of an individual is the one who sees good for evil and evil for good. A tree is judged by its fruit.

The Holy Spirit then said to me “Listen to this parable. There once was a great emperor with many fortresses. So he determined to set kings with armies over each of his fortresses so that his property may be protected. The emperor then called all his kings together and warned them about a great enemy that was very cunning. He told them “Whatever you do never allow this enemy to breach your defenses for if he does you are to drive him out immediately. Never are you to surrender to him for if you do you will surely die!”

After this each king went to his fortress. Now one day the enemy came with a great force and attacked one of the king’s fortresses. The king fought long and hard but finally the enemy was too powerful and he broke through the king’s defenses and entered the fortress. The king continued to struggle on but gradually his force began to weaken.

The leader of the enemy then sent a messenger saying that he would spare the king if he surrendered. The king was sure that his enemy was lying as he remembered how the emperor had warned him how sly an enemy he was. But eventually against the protest of his soldiers he surrendered.

The king was certain that his enemy was fixing to execute him. But surprisingly, the enemy leader did just the opposite. He wined and dined the king. The leader so charmed the king that the king believed everything he told him. The king’s soldiers were upset with their master’s betrayal. And more and more friction broke out between the king’s men and the leader’s men. Finally under the deceptive advice of the leader the king determined that the best way to resolve the conflict would be to kill his own soldiers. So he put to death his own men. But the leader wasn’t content. He told the king that the fortress was useless and should be destroyed. So the king set fire to his own fortress.

While he was doing this the emperor arrived with a great army. And the emperor encircled the king and the leader’s army. The emperor then asked “Who is burning down my fortress? Where is my army? Is this your doing my great enemy?” Then the enemy leader said “No I didn’t do it. He decided to burn down his own fortress and massacre his own troops. He’s crazy!

Then the emperor turned to the king saying “Is this true? Why have you done this? This was not your property to abuse. I seek kings who seek to make my kingdom prosperous. See what evil you have done your brother on the side of you is now considering burning down his fortress. And his brother too. You have just caused a cancer to break out in my kingdom!”

The king then begged the emperor saying “But Lord I did resist him. His force was too powerful for me. What else could I have done but surrender?” Then the emperor said “My command was for you never to surrender to him. If you had continued to fight him you would have been able to stall him long enough for me to send reinforcements. See even I myself came when I heard of this travesty.”

Then the king said “But he tricked me when he entered my fortress.” Then the emperor said “I warned all of you from the beginning that he is evil. He is not to be trusted. He has already chosen death. I gave you the chance to prove yourself worthy but instead you have chosen foolishly. Soldiers grab him and my enemy and throw them in the fire for the deaths of my many servants. For I am a just Lord and justice must reign in my kingdom.

Then the Holy Spirit said “Paul here is an interpretation of the story. The king is your spirit. The fortress is your soul. And the king’s soldiers are the Holy Spirit that lives in your soul. The enemy is Satan. And I am the emperor.

Satan will continue to attack your fortress your soul. But through my Holy Spirit you must oppose his evil. You must never surrender to evil. For if you do Satan will seek to kill the Holy Spirit in you. Just as the king killed his own soldiers. Notice that Satan didn’t force the king to do all the great evils that he did. Satan simply tempted the king to do evil. Likewise I hold everyone responsible for the evil they choose to do.

The king reasoned that he’s fight was in vain. What he didn’t realize is that all the Lord’s armies were on their way. If the king had continued to fight, he would had been promoted for his courage and persistence. For he would have been fighting to protect the emperor’s most valuable possession.  So learn the lesson and never give up on fighting for your soul. Guard it with your life!


One day I asked the Lord Commander “Do animals have souls? Can they be good or evil?” The commander then said “All living things have souls. Therefore humans have souls, trees have souls, animals have souls, righteous angels have souls, yes even the whole earth has a soul.”

I then said “Commander I’m sure many scientist would disagree with you on the whole earth being a living thing.” The Commander then said “The whole earth is living. It is the living planet. It has the breath of God in it. I am the light and I energize all. Likewise the planet is energized by the light. I am the rock I am the foundation of all things likewise the earth is the rock. I am the water the eternal water likewise the earth’s water flows through it like blood flows through a human. Just as a human being can be sickened so can the earth through pollution, evil, plague and radiation. Just as a human being evolves so does the earth.” I then replied “But the Earth doesn’t multiply.” The Commander than said “It will when I create my new Earth. I tell you the truth Paul all of my creation is living. The whole universe. For I am in all of it except that which is evil. Logically if I am life and I am also in all things besides evil then all the universe is living! And yes the universe has a soul.”

Hear this all you false prophets, liars, leaders of Satan, hypocrites, and all peoples of the entire world. If anyone murders the soul of another person. I will treat that person as though they murdered a person physically. Therefore if you murder 7 souls in your lifetime. At the great judgment I will treat your crime as though you murdered 7 people physically in cold blood. I am a hard God. I am a God of life. Look around at how hard life can be. Look at how painful life can be. Look at how vicious Satan is he has crushed whole empires. He has massacred millions of people, he has tortured people endlessly. He is the beast on my leash. He hates you he desires to inflict the most pain on you he can possibly inflict if I allow him. He is not loyal to anyone except himself. There is no love, no mercy, no life in him. Nothing but death. If you murder a person’s soul I will allow him to physically murder you how ever he desires how ever many times in accordance with the souls you’ve damned. Thus says the Lord the alpha and the omega. Woe to those who take darkness for light and light for darkness. Woe even more to those who increase the darkness on the earth. To what each person has put out into the universe I will repay them equally.”

The Holy Spirit then said “Like wise all the peoples of the world listen to me. If you save a soul if you bring a soul to the light. If you teach a soul to love and seek righteousness. I will repay you as though you saved my own life. Therefore if you save 7 souls. I will bless you as though you saved my own life 7 times. My power is infinite.  My love is eternal. Physical desires and drug highs are nothing to the pleasure I can bring to a being. Look at the beauty around you. If the Lord can create so wonderful beauty in an evil world just imagine how wonderful paradise will be. I am bringing heaven on earth says the Lord. World peace will no longer be a phrase men say as a joke. It will be reality. Technology will increase. Prosperity will increase. My power on earth will increase. Blessed are those who put their complete trust in the Lord. Every small thing you have ever done from offering a cup of water to someone who was thirsty to saving your Lord God’s life will be rewarded in accordance. Seek first my kingdom and I will give you all the desires of the heavenly kingdom.


One day the Holy Spirit while teaching me said “Paul the problem with today is too many people have a mindset of scarcity. They view today with the fears of tomorrow. Let me ask you a question what percentage of the world’s population were farmers 200 years ago? How much food did all these farmers produce? What percentage of the world’s population is farmers and how much food do they produce now?” I then replied “Lord I’m curious let me google it and find out. Hold on…”

I then replied “Lord I found something interesting. Percentage wise they say about 200 years ago it took 98 farmers to feed 100 people. They now say in the year 2012 it takes 2 farmers to feed 100 people. So from 98% down to 2%.” The Holy Spirit then replied “Now if you told the farmers of 200 years ago that in the near future one of them could easily feed 50 people what do you think their response would have been?” I then replied “I don’t know I’m not a farmer. Maybe they would have reasoned that there wouldn’t be enough space on the planet for all that farmland. Or maybe they would have laughed and said yeah one farmer with 100 servants working the field. Who knows.”

The Holy Spirit then said “There is always a possibility. Walls can always be broken. A new record happens every day. Technology is constantly in progress. Therefore learn the lesson and have the mindset of plenty instead of scarcity.”

One day the Holy Spirit said “Paul what would you do if I offered you this opportunity?” I then replied “I’m listening Lord.” the Holy Spirit then said “I will give you all the power over the entire world and everyone and everything in it tomorrow but as a result everyone in the whole wide world will not be empowered spiritually. They will forever be how they are now spiritually. Would you take it?” I then replied “Certainly not Lord, what’s the point of having the entire world but having no soul.” Then the Holy Spirit said “No Paul you still have your soul and other people still have their souls in this scenario. Its still your and their choice if they want to serve good or evil. You don’t lose your soul that you have now if you take this offer.” I then replied “Yes Lord, I understand what your saying. I would still have my spiritual desires to serve you to my hearts desire. But God how can I serve you if I have no one else to serve. My spirit is service to both myself and all of mankind.” The Holy Spirit then replied “Paul you have answered wisely. Continue to serve me faithfully and there may be a time when everyone owns the whole world.” I then replied “That would be heaven on earth.” The Holy Spirit then said “Your will and my will are one and the same.”